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University of Brescia

The University of Brescia is a young public university with strong international aspirations and leadership prospects in the North East of Italy and in East Lombardy in particular. The university offers education, training and research in the macro-areas of Medicine, Engineering, Economics and Law. Our University aspires to maintain its status as Research University, offering its services as a driving force of development on a local, national and international level. It also aims to integrate the spirit of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Agenda as part of all of its educational activities, with a dedicated specific cycle of seminars.

University of Trieste

The University of Trieste (UNITS) is a public University founded in 1924. It lies in a particular geographical position, in north-eastern Italy, between the Mediterranean and Central Europe.

Through its excellent educational system, UNITS aims at playing an active role on the world stage, by contributing to a more educated, innovative, cohesive and sustainable society.

UNITS includes 10 Departments and counts over 16,000 students enrolled on bachelor's, master and postgraduate courses, with a good level of internationalisation. UNITS' strengths come from different factors: breadth and variety of study courses in different areas (technological and scientific area, Social Sciences and Humanities, Life and Health Sciences); excellent student-professor ratio, enabling the student's actual participation in the educational pathway and ensuring an adequate access to internships, laboratories, libraries and study rooms; high results in terms of job placement.

The University of Trieste is ranked among the best universities in the world and Italy, especially for research and innovation and, moreover, il has been rated in Class A by the Italian National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institute (ANVUR) of the Italian Ministry of Education and Research (MUR).

Ca' Foscari University of Venice

Founded on August 6, 1868 as the “Scuola Superiore di Commercio” (Advanced School for Commerce), Ca' Foscari was the first Italian institution to deal with advanced education in Business and Economics. The original main office is still found in the grand gothic palace “volta de canal” (on the bend of the Grand Canal), in the heart of Venice.