The Conference will be hosted in the buildings of the Engineering Sciences Area of the University of Brescia. The main two buildings are in Via Branze 38 (Registration, Plenary Sessions) and Via Branze 43 (Parallel Sessions) which are one in front the other.

Via Branze 38

Via Branze 43

The Area is served by the subway (Europa station) which connect the train station, the city center, the main hospital and the northern campus of the University of Brescia.

The subway (Metro) is fully accessible (

(Download the Public Transports Map of the city)

How to reach Brescia

By Flight

There are three major airports in Milan, that is close to Brescia and the fourth is in Verona:

  1. Milan Orio (or Milan Bergamo) (BGY)

  2. Milan Linate (LIN)

  3. Milan Malpensa (MXP)

  4. Verona (VRN)

By Train

Brescia is well-connected both with high-speed and regional trains.

For more details please download the file How-to-reach-Brescia.

Where to stay in Brescia

In the file Where-to-stay-in-Brescia we selected a list of hotels (from 5 stars to 2 stars) and B&B from which is quite easy to reach the Engineering Sciences Area of the University of Brescia using the public transport system by autobus, by subway (Metro) or on foot (

Accessibility information

Before UD2022, please get in touch with indicating “Accessibility Information” to help organise and arrange all possible issues in advance.

At the UD2022 Information (“Info”) Desk, you will get help and support during the whole conference. Please get in touch whenever there is something to be arranged for you.

The Engineering Sciences Area of the University of Brescia

UD2022 will take place in two buildings, one in front of the other, and the connection between them is fully wheelchair accessible.

The rooms and the spaces used for UD2022 are fully wheelchair accessible.

Accessible Accommodation

In the file Where-to-stay-in-Brescia-accessible, we selected a list of hotels (from 5 stars to 2 stars) and B&B which declare themselves wheelchair accessible. It is, therefore, important to contact them to check whether they respond to the specific needs of the person.

In the list, the name of the nearest Metro stop and the distance from the hotel is also quoted (the Venue is near the Metro stop Europa).

Special Transport

Railways - Accessible travelling

Accessibility services with the responsible train company (Trenitalia) have to be arranged 48hrs prior of departure latest by writing an email to - see Trenitalia Sala Blu website for details. When writing to them, you can put in cc Accessibility Information at the mail

Metro in Brescia

The Metro of the city is the only fully wheelchair accessible public means of transportation.

Taxi in Brescia

There is only a taxi company in Brescia. This company has 3 vehicles fully wheelchair accessible. Each accessible vehicle can transport only a wheelchair at the time. It is possible to contact the company at the phone number +39 030 35111 (unfortunately they speak only Italian)